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Megan Wyler – Through The Noise

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The RingMaster Review

Megan Wyler New_press_shot

Following on from her first two successful and acclaimed singles, London based indie folk artist Megan Wyler unveils the massive enchantment of Through The Noise, her debut album. Consisting of ten elegant and evocative caresses, the release is a musically absorbing and lyrically captivating kiss upon the senses and imagination. One which leaves feelings and thoughts alive and contemplating the suggestive and reflective power of the songs and their passionate presentation.

The Nowever Records released Through the Noise comes closely behind the singles The Fraying, which also received an eagerly consumed dark dance floor remix courtesy of electronic legend Matthew Herbert, and the album title track before it. Devoured keenly by fans and media, Wyler gained the prestigious ‘Artist of the Month’ slot on the world’s largest folk music website, Folk Radio as well as intense media coverage, which the album can only increase upon. Through The Noise

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♫ Survive ♪ by Contrails

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In past November we went into the studio to record three new songs. The whole thing was filmed by our friend Severin Koller and is now ready to watch! Check out the 14-minute video on YouTube :

The new songs are also available on our new EP “THE SAFE PLACE”. You can download them for free on our Bandcamp page!

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Music Revisited

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A Little Bit of Everything...

At times some songs get into our heads to such an extent that we keep playing it repetitively and never get tired of listening to it. Then one day suddenly some another song takes it place and we forget about our previous delight. Happens with everybody, all the time. But it is good to go back to our old playlists from time to time to refresh memories. This process helped me to re-discover a song which I would describe as a zing to my teenage and is surprisingly again on my repeat mode. I hope you enjoy this rock song from the Cutting Crew.

If you have any such forgotten song, Post It. Lets revisit the music we loved 🙂

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Music is best way to fight sorrow…

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A Journey called Life


Ah! MUSIC …. that gives such a soothing effect to our soul that we almost forget the pain or sorrow we are going through.

The best way to enjoy life is to sing a romantic song with your partner, dance to your best ability and believe me you are done to stay happy for life.

Sing a song together on a long drive, that’s what even we do and trust me the heavenly feeling will be created to be cherished for time to come.

Love Music and Forget Sorrow!!

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Phantogram – Black Out Days

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Marisa D. Lyon

Dark, sultry, alluring Phantogram is back with a brand new single. Take a listen here on Stereofox!

We haven’t heard much from the synth-pop duo since 2011, but “Black Out Days” follows in line with where their EP Nightlife left off. Sarah Barthel’s enthralling vocals once again draw you further into the hazy electronics and distorted vocal samples.

There have been no announcements yet as to a new album from the New York natives, but hopefully “Black Out Days” is the first indication to more dark, shoegazy tunes from Phantogram in the near future.


[As seen on STEREOFOX]

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